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Fishing at the Aral Sea

Fishing and fishermen on the Aral Sea

Fishing is carried out on an industrial scale in the Aral Sea. Fish catch here has decreased due to waste water and catastrophic drainage of the sea. At a time when the water level rose, fishing resumed. Various fish processing enterprises work in the Aral Sea.

Information for tourist

In the city of Aralsk there is a fish processing plant "Kambala Balyk", "Aralbalyk". In the Aral Sea, the fish Pike perch is found, it is considered a delicacy and is in great demand in the region. 20 species of fish live in the waters of the Aral Sea. When the level of the Aral Sea rose, life revived, long-awaited work appeared for local fishermen as well as for local fish factories. Here you can go fishing with local fishermen, ride their boats, go to fish in the sea.

Photos of fishermen on the Aral Sea


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