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North Inylchek Glacier in Kazakhstan, helicopter flight.

Excursion by helicopter to the North Inylchek glacier.

The relief around the North Inylchek Glacier is mostly mountainous, but the immediate surroundings are hilly. The North Inyltek glacier is located below in the valley. The highest point nearby is at 5366 meters above sea level, 3.5 km north of the North Inyltek Glacier. In the area of the Northern Inylchek Glacier, it is very sparsely populated, with 5 inhabitants per square kilometer. There are no communities nearby. The area around the North Inyltek Glacier is constantly covered with ice and snow.

Glacier Northern Inylchek-how to get there.

North Inylchek Glacier (Russian: North Inylchek Glacier, Engilchek Glacier, Inylchek Glacier) is a glacier in Kyrgyzstan, on the border with Kazakhstan. Height 3795 m above sea level.
It is located in the eastern part of the country, 500 km east of the capital Bishkek. The North Inylchek glacier is located at an altitude of 3795 meters above sea level.
BST Time Zone (UTC + 6)

Glacier North Inylchek-GPS Coordinates - 42.24154 ° N 80.07906 ° E

Glacier Northern Inylchek-information for tourists.

The average annual temperature is around -14 ° C. The warmest month is August, when the average temperature is -4 ° C, and the coldest is January, with -24 ° C. The average annual rainfall is 535 millimeters. The wettest month is August with an average rainfall of 103 mm, and the driest month is March with 12 mm of rainfall.

Glacier Northern Inylchek.


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