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Karakum desert in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Trip and excursion to the Karakum desert from Almaty.

The Karakum Desert, translated from the Kazakh language, means "black sand". Kara-black, kum-sand.
In Kazakhstan, desert areas and deserts are often found and the Karakum desert is one of such territories.

The Karakum Desert - how to get there.

The desert is located in the north of the Almaty region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Karakum Desert borders Lake Balkhash and Lake Sasykkol. The village of Andreevka serves as a landmark here.
The Lepsy River and the Tentek River flow along the perimeter of the Karakum Desert.

Karakum desert-information for tourists.

The Karakum Desert is easy to see from the city of Almaty. Convenience lies in the fact that you can visit the desert directly from the main route along which the main route will pass. On the way, we will visit Lake Balkhash and see the local nature. We will also meet such rivers as Tentek and Lepsy.

Karakum desert.


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