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Korzhenevsky glacier-hiking and trekking in Almaty mountains, Kazakhstan.

Korzhenevsky glacier - hiking and climbing in the mountains of Almaty.

The Korzhenevsky glacier was named after its discoverer and famous explorer Nikolai Korzhenevsky. Nikolai specialized in Central Asian Studies.

Korzhenevsky glacier-how to get there.

The glacier is located on the territory of Kazakhstan, or rather in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau, in the upper reaches of the mountain river Chilik. It is part of the Talgar mountain range on the territory of the Almaty Reserve and the Ile Alatau Natural Park and Reserve. The starting point is the city of Almaty.

Korzhenevsky glacier-information for tourists.

High-mountain peaks such as Talgar, Metallurg, Aktau, and others surround the glacier. Ascents are possible on each of them. The glacier is 11 km long, the height difference in this area is from 2500-4000 meters above sea level. Acclimatization in the region is required, at least three days. For this, there are all kinds of mountain hotels at an altitude of 2200 meters where acclimatization is possible before staying at the indicated altitude. There are many trekking routes on the territory of the glacier, as well as various sports events and city Olympiads are held here. It is necessary to be on the glaciers in compliance with all safety rules and with an instructor.

Korzhenevsky glacier.


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