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Shomanay mount and valley, Mangystau region

Trip to Mount Shomanay (Shomanay-Airakty mountain tract) -

Nature of the Mangyshlak Peninsula and Mangystau region -

Mount Shomanay is one of the attractions of the Mangyshlak Highlands and the Mangyshlak Peninsula. Mount Shomanai looks like a thorn, and from a distance it looks like an ancient castle with high towers and spiers. Here you can also see the walls around the castle, very unusual natural formations that resemble an ancient semi-destroyed city. In 1851, the poet and explorer T. Shevchenko described this area as the most beautiful Valley of Castles. Nature here has created an incredible topography that attracts travelers from all over the world to this area.

How to get there, visit -

Mount Shomanay is located on the territory of the Mangistau region, in Kazakhstan. Local residents call this place Airakty-Shomanai, or Airakty tract. The place is also known as Boszhira, here all the beauty is concentrated in one place, so all the routes are interconnected.
GPS coordinates N44°13'23.10 E52°13'28.27

Tourist information -

Mount Shomanai has a height of no more than 400 meters above sea level, such heights for this region are very impressive, so all the hills and mountains here can be seen from a great distance. The height of the plateau is no higher than 10 meters above sea level. If you fly over a given area in a helicopter, the area seems even more magical from above than from the ground. With a group from Japan, we flew over this area and took great photos. There is also no infrastructure here at all, so overnight stays take place in base camps, which we set up upon arrival; here are completely field living conditions. In this area it is very hot in the summer, so we recommend traveling here in the spring, when nature blooms and it is not so hot, or in September. In spring it is very beautiful here and you can find Sogdian tulips in large areas, also at this time the area turns green, the desert blooms and smells. In summer, the area burns out completely, leaving only sparse shrubs

Mount Shomanay on Mangyshlak


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