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Salt marsh Tuzbair

Excursion to the salt marsh Tuzbair

Tuzbair is the name of the area and salt marsh on the Ustyurt plateau in Kazakhstan, Mangistau region. The snow-white salt marsh stretches here for more than 8 kilometers. The terrain here is diverse and picturesque, we advise you to stay here for one night and watch the area at sunset and dawn. At this time, the area acquires a magical magical color. Photographers spend a long time here to capture local beauty with their cameras.

Tuzbair sor, salt marsh - how to get there

Sor Tuzbair is located in the Mangistau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The nearest landmarks are the city of Aktau, the highway Aktau - Beineu, the coast of the Caspian Sea. Main landmark, Sai Cliff Village, Manat rise, oil pipeline south side. The road to the salt marsh passes through a desert steppe area, so only 4x4 cars can drive here. For hiking, you will need a large supply of water.

Tuzbair solonchak - information for tourists

Salt marsh Tuzbair is a salt plateau 6 kilometers long. Consists of limestone rocks, strong wind blows here, so it is necessary to wear windproof clothing and sunglasses. For walking, it is better to use mountain shoes with a protective sole and a protective toe. Tuzbair - GPS coordinates: 44.01027N 53.22716E Viewpoint coordinates: 44.09026, 53.19621; 44.07974, 53.20703; 44.04663, 53.22466; 44.04609, 53.23928; 44.04905, 53.26531. All sites are within a 30 km radius.

Tuzbair salt marsh


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