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Ak-Mosque Cave (Akmeshit) in Turkestan region

Trip to Ak-Mosque from Shymkent city -

Ak-Mosque Cave (Akmeshit) is a hollow cave formed in a layer of limestone, has a length of 150 meters, a width of 65 meters and a height of 25 meters. From time to time, water drips from holes in the rock. From the inside, the entrance looks like the roof of a yurt. Legend has it that a family of saints once lived here who built yurts and walked up and down stairs. Here people are cured of diseases and infertile couples after visiting the mosque could have children. The place is sacred and a place of power.

Рow to get there -

The Akmeshit cave (Ak mosque) is located in the Baidibek district of the Turkestan region. Airplanes fly from Almaty to Chimkent. Regular buses run from the city of Chimkent, the length of the route is 80 kilometers. From the nearest village Glinovka to the mosque 10 kilometers (road Shayan-Shymkent). So here you need to make a short hike up to the Ak Mechet cave.

The history of the origin of the name Akmeshit - Ak Mosque -

There are many legends about the Akmeshit cave. One of them is the legend about the hero Esirkep Koigeldy. When Batyr went on a campaign to Kalmykia, it suddenly began to rain. More than ten thousand soldiers sought refuge in this cave and prayed for the rain to end. One of the warriors suggested that the nameless cave be named after the hero. “This is the foothills of Mount Karatau. It protected us and our horses from the rain. It allowed us to prostrate ourselves and pray. The stones in the cave are white as white cloth. This is probably a sacred place, so let's call it Akmeshit. " ... Since then, from generation to generation, the sanctuary was called Akmeshit.
The second legend says that Ak Mosque is an ancient mosque and place of worship, a sacred place of power.

Information for tourists -

The cave is rather large and spacious. Its dimensions are 150 meters long and 65 meters wide. White mosque is a sacred place and a place of pilgrimage. There is a caretaker who lives nearby and can lead you to the cave. Trees grow in the cave that have never seen sunlight.

Akmeshit (Ak Mosque)


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