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Alkakolkum desert in Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.

Trip and excursion to Alkakolkum desert from Chimkent and Almty cities.

Alkakolkum is a sandy valley (small desert) on the right bank of the Syrdarya river. At an altitude of 220-280 m above sea level. Its length is 65 km, width is 8-18 km.

Alkakolkum desert-how to get there.

Alkakolkum is located in the Turkestan region. Aryskiy district. Kazakhstan.

Alkakolkum - information for tourists.

Rough terrain. The earth is composed of rocks from the Quaternary period. Wormwood, grass grow on meadow-gray and ordinary sandy-gray soils of Alkakolkum, and alabot grows in alkaline lands.

Alkakolkum sands.


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