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Kyzylkol lake in Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.

Tour and excursion to Kyzylkol lake.

Kyzylkol lake is considered medicinal and is compared with the Dead Sea for medicinal properties. There is a special natural healing mud here. The water in the lake began to decrease and such fish as Sazan disappeared from the lake. The small river Ushbas flows into the lake.

Kyzylkol lake-how to get there.

The lake is located in the Turkestan region (South Kazakhstan region), Suzak region, Kazakhstan.

Kyzylkol lake-information for tourists.

The lake is closed, the lake is 5 kilometers long, 2.5 kilometers wide, 2-5 meters deep. The coastline is 13 kilometers. There is an abandoned sanatorium on the shore of the lake, where mud treatment was carried out, currently there is a project for its complete restoration. Over the course of 20 years, the lake became very shallow, the water in it became very salty, and the fish disappeared from the lake. Ducks and swans can be found on the lake during bird migration.
The lake is also a place of recreation for local residents. The lake is very picturesque.

Kyzylkol lake.


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