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Karaungir cave in the Turkestan region. Traveling through the caves of Kazkhstan.

Excursion to the Karaungir cave from Shymkent.

Karaungir is the name of a cave and an archaeological monument, as this place is an ancient settlement of people and a place of residence of the Neolithic period. The cave was discovered by paleontologist Alpysbaev Kh.A. in 1959. The repeated exploration of the cave was also carried out in 1992 by a Kazakh-Russian expedition.

Karaungir cave-how to get there.

The cave is located on the territory of the Turkestan region, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Karatau mountains, Tyulbkubassky district. 6 kilometers from the village of Kyzylarak (Sarybulak), on the slope of the Boraldai Tau mountain range.

Karaungir cave-tourist information.

The size of the cave is quite large, it is an entrance of 25 meters, the height of the cave ceiling is from 2 to 16 meters, and is 21 meters long. 3 or 4 families could live in the cave at once. Also, ancient caves were considered among the ancient people as elite housing and the leaders of the tribe could live in it. The cave dates back to the Neolithic times, the New Stone Age. This is approximately the 5th century BC. The cave is a natural landmark and archaeological site of ancient people who inhabited this area. During the exploration of the cave, products of ancient people were found here, such as needles, awls, beads, pendants, scrapers, arrowheads, etc. The material from which these things were made is silicon, sandstone, rock crystal.

Karaungir cave.


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