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Red Hill or Shubaykyzyl (mountain, hill) in the Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to Red Hill (Shubaykyzyl) for Greig's Tulips.

Krasnaya Gorka is a mountainous hill located on Mount Kokbulak, Karatau mountain range. The hill also has the Kazakh name Shubaykyzyl. Since 1977, this territory is under the protection of the Aksu Zhabagly National Park, and is adjacent to the main territory of the national park. Here grows Greig's tulip, the rarest and most beautiful wildly growing tulip in Kazakhstan.

Red Hill (Shubaykyzyl) - how to get there.

Mount Shubaykyzyl or Red Hill (Krasnaya Gorka) is located on the territory of the Turkestan region in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The southern slope of Kokbulak and Sartur mountains, the border of the Aksu-Zhabaglinsky reserve. The main landmark here is the village of Kulan, 1 km from the village of Kulan to Krasnaya Gorka. From the village of Zhabagly to Krasnaya Gorka 30 kilometers.

Greig's tulip in South Kazakhstan (Shubaykyzyl-Krasnaya Gorka).

On the Shubaykyzyl Hill every spring the most beautiful Greig's Tulip blooms, a wild-growing multi-colored tulip. The entire hill is covered with tulips, the density of growth, 50 flowers per 1 square meter. It is very beautiful here at this time. People who visited this place say that upon arrival you find yourself in a fairy tale, therefore it is also called a fairy hill and a tulip hill.

Red hill (Shubaykyzyl) -information for tourists.

To see the tulips, you must visit this place in April, at this time the tulips bloom, from early April to mid-April. The place is a massive bloom of tulips, the hill is also a hill from which a beautiful panorama of the surrounding area opens, the nature here is very beautiful and during the flowering period everything here is covered with all sorts of colors.

Red Hill (Shubaykyzyl Hill).


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