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Lake Jurassic, Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.

Paleontological tour to the Jurassic Lake in Kazakhstan.

Lake Jurassic is an ancient lake, at the moment there is no water here, but here you can find and meet a large number of prints of ancient animals, insects, prints of ancient crustaceans, etc. The flying lizard Rhamphorhynch was first discovered here.
According to scientists, the lake is 130 million years old.

Jurassic Lake in Kazakhstan - how to get there.

The lake is located on the territory of Kazakhstan in the Turkestan region, Baydebek district. From the city of Shymkent to the lake 160 kilometers. Upper reaches of the Kashkarat river.

Lake Jurassic in Kazakhstan-tourist Information.

In this place, you can find prints of ancient fish, flying dinosaurs, salamanders, turtles, crocodiles. A total of 1200 different species of ancient fauna were found here. Some of the exhibits from this place are now kept in the Moscow Museum of Paleontology. This area is under protection and mass tourism is prohibited here, but individual tourists can visit this place in small numbers.

Lake of the Jurassic period in Kazakhstan.


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