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Ugam ridge in the Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.

Climbing in the mountains of the Ugam ridge.

Ugam is a mountain range in the western part of the Tien Shan ridge. Its length from northeast to southwest is 110 km, and at present its length is about 30 km. The highest point is Sairam Peak (4299 m).

Ugam ridge - information for tourists.

The Ugam ridge has a southwestern slope and abuts against the Shcherbak dam (Uzbekistan). The relief is mountainous; the lower border is meadow plains. There are many springs and rivers on the plains. It consists of high mountains and ridges covered with glaciers. The territory of the Kazygurt and Tolebinsky districts includes the north and southwest of the Ugam ridge. It consists of the Kumkezen, Zhaltyr, Konekti, Zhetyungir, Piyazdy, Shymyrbai, Azarteke, Makpal ridges, the Turpakbel and Maidantal passes. Aksu-Zhabaglinsky nature reserve is located at the intersection of Ugam and Talas Alatau. The branches of the Ugam and Piskem rivers originate from the mountain glaciers: Maidantal, Baldybirek, Sairamsu, Saryagyr.
On the brown, alpine meadow soils of the mountains, at the foot of the mountains, a variety of grasses, mixed shrubs, fruit trees, species of juniper in the highlands, subalpine, alpine meadows grow.

Ugam ridge.


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