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Mount Bessaz, tours in Karatau mountains, Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.

Mount Bessaz - natural attractions of the Turkestan region.

Mount Bessaz is the highest point of the Turkestan region. The height of the mountain above sea level is 2176 meters. The mountain is part of the Karatau mountain range. Bessaz translated from Kazakh into Russian means “5 sources of water”.

Mount Bessaz - how to get there.

The mountain is located on the territory of the Turkestan region in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The mountain is located on the territory of the Karatau National Natural Park, Sozak District.

Mount Bessaz - information for tourists.

There are many water sources in the area of the mountain, here you can find small springs, small rivers and streams. The place is very picturesque and attractive. Here it is possible to organize an interesting excursion around the region. The mountain is part of the East and West Karatau mountain range. Small rivers Sarymsakty and Raisozen originate on Mount Bessaz, there are also many other small rivers that also have their own names. The area consists of hills and low mountains, picturesque places and attracts many tourists and local vacationers to this place.

Mount Bessaz.