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Burgulyuk gorge in Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.

One-day excursion to Burguluk gorge from Shymkent city.

Burguluk gorge is a picturesque mountain gorge. The gorge is located at an altitude of 1010 meters above sea level, which is quite a high altitude for the Turkestan region. In the Burgulyuk gorge there is a river which is also called Burgulyuk.

Burguluk gorge - how to get there.

The gorge is located on the territory of the Turkestan region in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Western slope of the Ugam ridge, western Tien Shan. From the city of Shymkent to the Burguluk gorge 50 kilometers, (1.5 hours on the way). Nearby is the village of Lenger, 17 kilometers from the village to the gorge.

Burguluk gorge - information for tourists.

Burguluk gorge is mountainous and picturesque, it is a place of recreation for local residents and tourists. On the banks of the Burguluk river, you can camp in a small camp and have a great time. You can swim in the river. Pine, spruce, oak, barberry, chestnut, wild rose grow in the gorge. In Soviet times, there was a children's camp of the Kazakh SSR named after Valentina Tereshkova. Lunnaya Polyana is located here, where rock climbing competitions are held in Soviet times. In 1973-1976 archaeological excavations were carried out on the territory of the gorge, during which ancient settlements of the XVI-XVIII centuries were found here. On the territory of the gorge there is a sanatorium and recreation center Birkolik.

Burgulyuk gorge.


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