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Kelinshektau mountain range in the Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to the Kelinshektau mountains.

Kelinshektau is the name of an unusual and very beautiful mountain range in the Karatau mountains. The mountain range is a sharp-pointed cliffs concentrated in one place and is a large mountain range.

Kelinshektau mountains - how to get there.

The Kelinshektau mountain range is located on the territory of Kazakhstan in the Turkestan region. The main reference points here are the villages of Taukent and Abai. Suzak district.

Kelinshektau mountains - information for tourists.

The Kelinshektau mountain range is a rocky outlier. The maximum height here is 1729 meters above sea level. The massif is 10 kilometers long. At a distance of 4 kilometers in the Arlaozen mountain tract are rock paintings of the Bronze Age. The famous Bessaz mountain with a height of 2176 meters above sea level and the Berkatul mountain with a height of 1490 meters are also located here. The rivers Koshkarat and Arlozen flow here. The area contains a lot of water resources; here you can find many small rivers and streams.

Kelinshektau mountain - legend.

Legend has it that the beautiful Aisulu lived in the Kelinshektau mountains. The girl was so beautiful that the fame of her beauty spread far around. A local wealthy merchant decided to propose to her and presented her with jewelry, all decorations were of gold and only one piece of jewelry was wooden. Aisulu got angry and demanded that the wooden thing be changed to gold and because of her greed it turned to stone.

Kelinshektau mountain.


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