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Ketmen mountain range, travel through the mountains of Kazakhstan.

Excursion to the Ketmen mountains from Almaty.

The northern slopes of the Ketmen ridge pass into the Ili Valley. The length of the ridge in Kazakhstan is 160 km. The total length of the ridge is 310 km. There are no glaciers or snow on the ridge, but there is a permafrost zone. The tops of the ridges are flat and wide. The Ketmen pass is located at an altitude of 3040 meters above sea level in the eastern part of the mountain range. Here passed the ancient caravan route from the Ili valley to the Kegen-Tekes depression through the pass connecting the northern slope of the Ketmen gorge and the southern slope of the Shalkuduksu river valley.

Ketmen mountains (ridge) - how to get there.

The Ketmen or Uzunkara ridge is a mountain ridge entering the northern part of the Tien Shan ridge. The ridge is located in the Uygur and Raiymbek districts of the Almaty region, as well as on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China.

Ketmen mountains - information for tourists.

There are no glaciers here because the ridge is located below the snow line. The tops of the Ketmen ridge are flat and flat. Roads pass along it. The ridge is heavily indented by river valleys, deep and steep gorges. In the north there is the valley of the Ili river, the Bedeti, Sundetsay, Dardamty, Dolatysay, Ulkensay, Ulken Aksu, Maly Aksu, Shoshasynsay, Temirlik rivers, and in the south of the Satylykhasan, Shubyrmakhasan, Shalkodesu, Kisykaktas, Sholak rivers. At an altitude of 2,700-3,000 m, subalpine landscapes are located in mountain meadow soils, and at an altitude of 3,000 m there are various herbaceous alpine meadows.

Ketmen ridge.


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