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Akkol gorge in Bayankol (sights of Kazakhstan and Tien Shan mountains) Almaty region.

Travel to Bayankol and Akkol gorges from Almaty.

The Akkol gorge is located next to the Bayynkol gorge and is part of the Terskey Alatau mountain range. The gorge borders on Kyrgyzstan, to find here you need special permits to stay in the border zone.

Akkol Bayankol mountains gorges - how to get there.

Akkol gorge is located to the west of the Bayynkol gorge, Raimbek district, Almaty region. Northern slope of the Terskey Ala-Too (Alatau) ridge. You can get here in different ways by car or helicopter.

Bayankol Akkol gorges - information for tourists.

The length of the Akkol gorge is 20 kilometers. On the Kyrgyz side, the Akkol River of the same name begins, then the river flows into the Bayankol River. At an altitude of 3550 meters there is a high-mountain lake which is also called Akkol. Lake Akkol and the surrounding nature are very beautiful and picturesque. Here you can have a great time trekking or hiking.

Bayankol Akkol gorge.