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Water resources of Kazakhstan. Rafting by rivers in Almaty region.

Traveling along the rivers and lakes of Kazakhstan.

Water resources of Kazakhstan - the average volume of surface water resources in Kazakhstan in terms of water content is 100.5 km3; of which only 56.5 km3 is formed on the territory of the republic, the rest is made up of the river waters of Central Asia, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China.

Rivers and lakes of Kazakhstan.

Many large and small rivers flow through the territory of Kazakhstan, as well as mountain and lowland small and large lakes. Most of the rivers belong to the basins of the Caspian and Aral Seas as well as large lakes such as Balkhash, Alakol, Tengiz. Irtysh, Tobol, Ili, Ural, Emba, etc. flow from rivers through Kazakhstan.

Semirechye - general information.

Semirechye is a region of seven rivers in Kazakhstan, which is located on the territory of the Almaty region. It includes such rivers as Ili, Karatal, Bien, Aksu, Lepsy, Baskan, Sarkand. There are more than 48 thousand large and small lakes on the territory of Kazakhstan, most of them are small lakes, the size of which does not exceed one kilometer.

Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has no outlet to the world ocean, but there is an outlet to the Caspian Sea. Many lakes are home to a lot of fish; in freshwater lakes you can find carp, perch, bream, etc. There are many underground waters on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The most beautiful lakes in Kazakhstan are the mountain lakes Markakol and Zaisan, Kaindy, Kolsai lakes.

Water resources of Kazakhstan - general information.

In terms of river flow, Kazakhstan is one of the least water-rich countries on the planet. The required volume of water consumption is 54.5 km3, with an average annual water consumption not exceeding 46.0 km3. In years of water scarcity, the volume of water resources will decrease to 58 km3, and the amount of water used - to 26 km3, respectively. Fresh groundwater reserves are 15.1 km3, the level of their use is 11.3% or 1.7 km3. The volume of return water is 4 km3, the volume of water re-injected into the sources does not exceed 2 km3, the rest of the wastewater is dispersed or absorbed by the soil. Return water is the main source of natural water and environmental pollution.

Conservation and protection of water resources in Kazakhstan.

Recently, there has been a quantitative and qualitative depletion of water resources. Humanity mainly uses fresh water for its needs, which makes up 1% of the total volume of the hydrosphere. To solve this problem, it is necessary to take into account the desalination of the World Ocean, groundwater and glaciers. Among them there are also prospects for groundwater.

Water resources of Kazakhstan.


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