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Karakol lake in the Sibin lakes, East Kazakhstan.

Excursion to Sibinskie lakes - Karakol lake.

Karakol is the name of a picturesque lake located in the mountain hills of East Kazakhstan. Lake Karakol is not big, compact and very beautiful. The nature of this place is amazing and striking in its primordiality.

Karakol lake - how to get there.

The lake is located in the East Kazakhstan region, Ulagan region. The lake is part of the Sibinsky lakes and is located in the Kalbinsky ridge.

Karakol lake - information for tourists.

The length of the coastline of the Karakol Lake is 2.5 kilometers, the lake is not large, compact and very picturesque. On its shore you can set up a camp and stay overnight when you travel along the Sibinsky Lakes. The length of the Karakol lake is 600 meters. Dense grass grows around the lake, which also gives the lake its beauty. On the lake live beavers who build dams in the streams flowing from the lake. Lake Karzhinkol is located nearby, and they are very similar to each other. Deciduous and coniferous trees such as birch and pine grow around the lake.

Karakol lake.


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