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Sadyrkol lake in the Sibinskie lakes, East Kazakhstan.

One day tour to Lake Sadyrkol (Sibinskie lakes).

Lake Sadyrkol is the fifth lake in the Sibinsky lakes and comes after Lake Tortkara. The lake is located among picturesque low mountains and hills. The mountains are made of granite on which beautiful pine trees grow.

Sadyrkol lake - how to get there.

The lake is located in the East Kazakhstan region, Ulagan region, Koktau mountain range. The lake is part of the famous and very picturesque Sibinsky lakes.

Sadyrkol lake - information for tourists.

The lake is very beautiful and very popular. There are several rest houses and tourist centers here. The length of the lake is 1300 meters (1.3 km), width is 800 meters. The coastline is 3.5 kilometers long. Birches and aspens, tall grass grow around the lake. The lake is replenished with water during the spring thaw, and water also enters the lake from groundwater. Carp, pike, dace, tench are found in the lake. Here you can meet ducks, muskrat also lives here. A lily grows in the water, which is on the verge of extinction. In the past, the lily grew on all 5 Sibinsky lakes, now it grows only here.

Buddhist Monastery on Lake Sadyrkol.

In the 17th century, the Buddhist monastery Ablaykit was located near the lake. According to legend, a treasure was hidden here, in which a golden statue of Buddha was hidden, quite large, in the height of a man. Also here was found a large library in which the Tibetan scrolls were kept.

Sadyrkol lake.


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