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Sibinskie lakes, the pearl of East Kazakhstan.

Excursion and trains to Sibinskie lakes from the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Sibinsky lakes, the so-called group of 5 lakes Korzhinkol, Karakol, Sadyrkol, Tortkara and Shalkar, which are located next to each other. The lakes are on top of each other and are among the unusual granite rocks and low mountains of Koktau. Sibinskie lakes are also known as Ablaikitsike lakes. The lakes cover an area of 30 square kilometers.

Sibinskie lakes - how to get there.

The Sibinsky Lakes Cascade is located in the Eastern Kazakhstan region near the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk in a low mountainous area at a distance of 85 kilometers. Drive about 2 hours, the road is asphalt.

Sibinskie lakes - information for tourists.

A stream that has no name flows through all 5 lakes. All 5 lakes are very picturesque and beautiful. On some lakes there are rest houses and areas where you can stay overnight in tents. Water enters the lakes from groundwater and after the spring melting of snow. All kinds of vegetation, trees and grasses grow on the lakes. The place is very popular with local tourists and foreigners. Beavers and all sorts of fish are found in the lakes, ducks nest. Of the rare plants, you can find the four coal lily here.

Sibinsky lakes.


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