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Klimovka is a mountain hostel in the Kazakh Altai, East Kazakhstan.

Travel to Klimovka from Ridder town.

Klimovka is the name of a picturesque mountain tour base located in the Altai mountains. This place is far from civilization and here you can feel the fullness of freedom, admire the most beautiful landscapes and local mountains, and green forests. In Klimovka live people who raise livestock, are engaged in beekeeping, pick mushrooms and berries.

Klimovka tour base near Ridder - how to get there.

Klimovka is located 32 km from the city of Ridder, East Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Altai. The road passes through mountainous terrain, so there is only 4x4 transport for moving around. The road is winding, passing through mountainous terrain surrounded by forests.

Klimovka village, recreation center - information for tourists.

In Klimovka, it is possible to organize any kind of horseback riding, there are also places for trekking and hiking in the mountains. You can settle here with your own camp or stay in cozy houses with wood heating. The night can be pretty chilly here. There is also a separate high class house. There is winter hunting here. There is a church in the village. The forest here is very beautiful, it consists of fir trees from pines, cedar, conifers, birch, larch. Orkhars live in the forests, bears, mountain goats, wolves, wolverines, and sable are found.

Klimovka tour base, East Kazakhstan Altai.


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