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Adamtash rock monk, sights of the Bautinskaya Bay

Drive to Adamtash rock in Bautino

The place where Adamtash rock is located is also called the fantasy valley. It is called so because here you can find rocks and earth formations of an unusual bizarre shape. If you fantasize, then here you can see stone dinosaurs, stone giants lying on their backs, stone monsters.

Adamtash rock monk - how to get there

The Valley of Fantasies and the Adamtash Rock is located in the Bautino Bay on the Caspian Sea, the Mangyshlak Peninsula, the territory of Kazakhstan. The place is located near the villages of Bautino and Atash. Western side of Bautina Bay.

Adamtash rock monk, fantasy valley - information for tourists

The place has its own legend. In ancient times, an old man lived on Cape Karagan, he had a son, his son had a young wife. The son went to sea and disappeared after a big storm. His wife was left alone, and after a while the old man began to harass this woman. The woman could not survive this from jumping off a cliff. The Almighty punished the old man and turned him into a stone that resembles a seated old man. Two streams flow around the rock, which symbolize the tears of that woman. The rock stands on the seashore, it is very unusual and beautiful here. Being on the Mangyshlak peninsula, we advise you to visit this place and see the beauty of the Caspian Sea. In summer, you can swim here, but you need to know how to swim.

Adamtash rock monk


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