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Aktau Buzachinsky nature reserve

Travel to Aktau-Buzachinsky reserve and to the Buzachi peninsula

Aktau-Buzachinsky nature reserve and sanctuary was established in 1982. The reserve was created with the aim of preserving biodiversity, animals and plants. The size of the reserve is 75 km long, 32-74 km wide.

Aktau-Buzachinsky reserve - how to get there

The reserve is located on the territory of the Mangistau region, on the Buzachi peninsula, Munaylinsky district, in the Northern Aktau mountains. Nearby is the Caspian Sea, Koshak Bay. The main landmarks are Aktumsuk Bay, Torlun village, Tuscheashagyl well.

Aktau-Buzachinsky reserve - information for tourists

It is necessary to travel around the reserve in a 4x4 car, have enough water with you, it is best to travel in two cars in a team of people. It is also necessary to have a gps satellite phone with you, the necessary equipment for spending the night. In winter, there is little snow and quite cold, so it is better to travel here in summer and late spring. If you are here in late spring, the area is covered with greenery, which almost completely burns out in early summer.

Aktau-Buzachinsky nature reserve and reserve


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