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The Syrdarya river in the Kyzylorda region, rafting on the rivers of Kazakhstan.

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The Syr Darya is the name of the river in Central Asia. Sometimes it is called Yaksart by its ancient Greek name ὁ Ιαξάρτη. The Greek name for the river comes from the ancient Persian phrase Yahsha Arta ("Big coral"), which comes from the color of the river water. In medieval Muslim scriptures, the river is called Seyhun (سيحون) after one of the four rivers in paradise. The name Syrdarya, derived from the Persian language, has been used since ancient times. In the West, the river was called Yaxart until the 20th century. The northern border of the lands conquered by Alexander the Great ran along the Syr Darya River. According to Greek historians, Alexander founded the city of Alexandria or Eskhata ("the farthest Alexandria") in 329 BC. This city is now called Khujand. The river originates at the confluence of two rivers in the Tien Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan and in the east of Uzbekistan: Naryn and Kara-Darya, and flows into the Aral Sea at a distance of 2,212 km. The water of the Syr Darya River is used to irrigate the most fertile cotton growing areas in Central Asia and to supply water to the neighboring cities of Kokand, Khujand, Turkestan and Kyzylorda.

The names of the Syrdarya river are information for tourists.

Guy Le Strandzha's book "Lands of the Istren Caliphate" contains information about the Syr Darya River. He wrote that the Syrdarya is called Shash. Locals call it the Shash River, and al-Mustafa says that in the 14th century the Mongols called it Gulzaryan. The Arabs called him Seyhun. The Turks called the river Syrdarya or Syrsu. On page 53 of Bartold's book "History of the Turks in Central Asia" there is information about the Syr Darya river. Abu al-Ghazid called it that. Ibn Haukal said that the Seykhun river flows through the Turkic lands. According to Ibn Haukal, this river, flowing from the mountains, flows into the Aral Sea. Arab travelers say that the Seyhun is like the Jeyhun River, on which one can swim. In winter, the surface of the river freezes over for a long time. For this reason, carts continued to move along the river. Syrdarya and Amu Darya before Jeyhun were called Seikhun, Dzhaksarteks and Oksis. It is speculated that the Arabs may have taken the names Seyhun and Jeyhun from the Jews. The Pison and Gihon rivers are mentioned in Jewish scriptures. Seihun and Jeyhun may be close to these words, but their meanings are unknown. During the Mongol invasion, the name Seikhun came into use
and became known as Syrdarya.

Syrdarya river - general information.

The administrative territory of the Kyzylorda region, located in the lower reaches of the Syrdarya river to the Aral Sea, is located on the large sandy plain of the Turan basin. In the south of the region is the northern part of the Kyzyl Kum desert, in the north - the Tertiary Cretaceous plateau and the Karakum sands on the southern outskirts of Central Kazakhstan. Most of the region is the old delta of the Syrdarya river. The Aral Sea is located in the west.

Syrdarya river.


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