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Kambash lake (Kamystybas), tourism in the Kyzylorda region

Travel to Lake Kambash

Excursion from the city of Aralsk to Lake Kambash

Lake Kambash (Kamystybas) is located next to such lakes as Laikol, Sarykkol, Kayadzy, Kula, Zhalanashkol, etc. The water in the lake is very clear and very beautiful blue. It is not known how the lake was formed, since no research has been carried out in this region. The water in Lake Kambash has medicinal properties, as the locals say, they claim that small wounds and cuts quickly heal after contact with water.

How to get there

The lake is located in the Aral region, Kyzylorda region. From the city of Aralsk to the lake 86 kilometers. The Samara - Almaty highway M32, 7 kilometers from the main road along a country road. The reference point here is the Karapasat Bay, which is located in the north-eastern part of the lake.


The water in the lake is considered curative, as local fishermen say, it is able to heal small wounds. The lake is 26 kilometers long and 8 kilometers wide. The lake is not so big, but very picturesque and attracts both local tourists and foreigners. Traveling around this region, we will definitely visit this lake. The climate in this region is very favorable and mild. Near the Kambash lake there is a low hill called Temirshi, its height is 122 meters above sea level and a panorama of the Kambash lake opens from it. Here you can swim and have a great time traveling around the region.

Kambash lake in Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan


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