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Aral Karakum desert in the Aral region, Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan.

Tours and trips to the deserts of the Kyzylorda region.

Travel to the Aral Karakum desert.

The Aral Karakum Desert is a sandy desert located in the northeast of the Aral Sea. The desert occupies the territory between the Aral Sea and the Turgai plateau, part of the territory of the Aktobe, Karaganda and Kyzylorda regions. The area is about 35 thousand square kilometers.

Aral Karakum desert - geography.

The desert was formed as a result of erosion of Cretaceous and Paleogene rocks. At present, it is joined by the wind-blown sandy deposits of the Aral Sea. The desert surface gradually narrows from north to south and joins the coastal strip of sand near the Aral Sea. Aral Karakum - the desert is divided into separate parts of the depression from northwest to southeast. Above are the sands of Kolkudukkum, Zhinishkekum, Alaigyrkum, Ulkenkum. The Aral Karakum desert is rich in groundwater. Fresh water occurs at a depth of 2-3 m underground, artesian water - in the layers of Cretaceous and Paleogene rocks, ie. at a depth of 100-200 m.

Aral Karakum - climate.

The soils of the Aral Karakum have varying degrees of mineralization (fresh, hard, bitter). The climate of the Aral Karakum is continental and arid. The average temperature in January is -12 - 14 ° С, in July - 25 - 26 ° С. Annual precipitation - 100–150, evaporation - 1400–1600 mm. In winter, the snow is thin (no more than 5-6 cm). On dry sandy plains and lowlands, sorrel is found in dark soils. In the low-lying sandy plains, male grass, wormwood, wormwood, oat flakes, sedge grow, shea, wormwood, reed, sarsaparilla, wormwood, and wormwood grow in hollows. From small rodents squirrels, proteins; Of the predators: lizards, snakes, turtles: wolves, corsacs are predators.

Aral Karakum desert.


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