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Algazy island on Lake Balkhash, Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to the islands of Lake Balkhash.

Tours and excursions on the Balkhash lake.

Algazy is the name of the island located in the water area of Lake Balkhash. The island is located in the middle of the lake and is a local landmark. To get to this island, you need to go out on the water in good weather. The wind often blows on Balkhash, therefore it is necessary to observe all safety standards for being on the water. It is necessary to notify the local authorities that you are going out on the water and of course put on a life jacket.

Algazy island - how to get there.

Getting to the island is quite easy, you must first get to Lake Balkhash and order a boat there with all the necessary equipment for a trip to the island. Distances to the island from the coast are different, depending on where to start traveling. Approximately 1.5 - 4 kilometers.
The Baybagyl peninsula is located nearby.

Algazy island - information for tourists.

The height of the island is 336 meters above sea level, the length of the island is rather big and is 7 kilometers, width is from 1 to 3 kilometers. The island is composed of Devonian sandstone and tuff.

Algazy island on Balkhash.


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