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Maralye lake (Chaban bai), East Kazakhstan region, Kazakhstan.

Tours to the taiga lakes of East Kazakhstan.

Drive to the Maral lake in the mountains of East Kazakhstan.

Maralye lake or another name Chaban Bai lake is an attraction of East Kazakhstan and lies in the local mountains at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level in a picturesque gorge. The Belaya River flows out of Lake Maralye and then, flowing down, flows into the Bukhtarma reservoir.

Maralye lake (Chaban Bai) - how to get there.

The lake is located in the mountains of the East Kazakhstan region, on the southern slope of the Listvyag mountain range. The height of the lake is 1718 meters. The lake is located on one of the mountain routes of this region. You can get to the lake on foot and on horseback.

Maralye lake (Chaban Bai) - information for tourists.

The lake area is 2.2 square kilometers, the depth of the lake is 4-5 meters. In this region, to visit the lake, we can organize for you a hike to the lake on horseback or on foot. The lake is very picturesque and beautiful, it is located in a mountain valley. The rivers Maralikha and Khairyuzovka, small mountain rivers flow into Lake Maralie. The water temperature in the summer is 13 degrees, the water is quite cold, but in the summer, you can quickly swim in it. The lake was formed in ancient times; no scientific research was carried out on the lake.

Maral lake (Chaban Bai).


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