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Aydarkhan reservoir, West Kazakhstan region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to the sights of the West Kazakhstan region.

Excursion to the Aydarkhan reservoir.

Aydarkhan reservoir is the so-called reservoir in Western Kazakhstan. The reservoir is quite extensive, its area is 557 square kilometers, the depth is 1 meter.

Aydarkhan reservoir - how to get there.

The reservoir is located on the territory of the South Kazakhstan region, Zhangalinsky district, Republic of Kazakhstan. Nearby is the village of Furmanova, which is the main reference point for traveling to the Aydarkhan reservoir. The reservoir is located on the Bolshaya Uzen River.

Aydarkhan reservoir - information for tourists.

The Aydarkhan reservoir is quite large, its length is 21 kilometers, depth is 1 - 9 meters, width is 4.5 kilometers. When spring floods begin and there is a lot of water in the rivers, the Aydarkhan reservoir restrains the rapid river flow. Water into the Aydarkhan reservoir also gets from the Volga river through the Saratava canal. Water from the reservoir is used for irrigation and irrigation of land.

Aydarkhan reservoir.


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