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Shatkal canyon in the Boszhira tract, Mangistau region, Kazakhstan.

How to get to Boszhira - travel to Mangyshlak.

Shatkal is the so-called canyon in the Boszhira valley. Shatkal canyon is one of the spurs of the Ustyurt plateau. The canyon is quite deep and picturesque. In the Shatkal canyon, there are places where sunlight does not enter; the canyon is very narrow and deep. It is possible to enter the canyon from the side of the Boszhira panoramas, that is, from the lower part of the main plateau from the former bottom of the Tethys Ocean.

Shatkal Boszhira canyon - how to get there.

Shatkal canyon is located on the Ustyurt plateau, Mangyshlak peninsula, Mangistau region, Kazakhstan. Nearby is Mount Yurt, the slopes of this mountain form part of the canyon, and Mount Borlytau is also located nearby.

Geographic coordinates of the Shatkal Boszhira canyon: N43 ° 26'09.69 "E54 ° 04'25.30"

Shatkal canyon on Boszhira - information for the tourist.

The canyon is inhabited by birds of prey, the canyon is composed of chalk rocks. The canyon is 1.8 kilometers long, 20-30 meters deep, 50 meters wide. The canyon is quite narrow and when entering the inside of the canyon, the sense of time is lost, there is little sunshine here and it can be very cool in places. The entrance to the canyon is located between the mountains Yurta and Borlytau. The place here is very picturesque, it is good to travel here in spring at the beginning of summer as the greenery blooms and it is very beautiful here.

The Boszhira canyon staggered.