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Kertty tract and valley at Mangyshlak, Mangistau region, Kazakhstan.

Beautiful places of Mangyshlak and the nature of the peninsula.

The Kertty valley or the Kertty tract is the name of the place of the same name on the Mangyshlak peninsula. The place is one of the attractions of the Mangyshlak Peninsula. The place is not so popular, but it has everything ahead. There is a spring here, which is also called Kertty, and the place itself is tied to this spring. The necropolis of Kertty is also located nearby.

Kertty tract - how to get there.

The tract is located in the Mangistau region on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is part of Tuzbair. The main landmark here is the Kertta necropolis, the direction must be kept to it. From the Kertty spring to the Kertty necropolis, 2.5 kilometers.

Kertty tract - information for tourists.

Kertty is an earthen weathered rock of bizarre shapes and formations. Once there was an ocean and the water tried to give the shores a bizarre shape. The rock is composed of soft, rounded and oval-shaped soil, the site is fantastic and becomes especially spectacular at sunset, when the area plunges into twilight and the reds of sunset.

Kertty tract valley.


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