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Karashek Lake (Karashek salt marsh)

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Karashek Lake or Karashek salt marsh borders the Karynzharyk sands and the Karynzharyk depression and the Ustyurt plateau. The size of the salt marsh is 22 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide. The lake is considered dried up, but water appears here in the spring, and during the summer the lake dries up.

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The Karashek salt marsh is located in the Mangystau region on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Karakiyansky district. The salt marsh is located on the Ustyurt plateau, near the Karynzharyk depression. The main landmark here is the eponymous Karashek mountain with a height of 195 meters above sea level. The famous Boszhira Valley is located 12 kilometers from Karashek Lake.

Tourist Information -

From one of the panoramic points at number 6 of Boszhir, this majestic lake and salt marsh can be seen. Traveling in this region, we will be able to see all the natural attractions of this region. We will see the Karynzharyk depression, the Ustyurt plateau, the famous panoramas of Boszhira, we will see the Karynzharyk desert.

Karashek Lake on Mangyshlak


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