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Nazugum cave, sacred place

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Nazgum was the name of a woman of Uighur nationality who escaped and hid in this cave from slave owners. 1825-1828. in the city of Kashgar in China, an uprising against the Manchurian-Chinese enslavers began, which was brutally suppressed by the Chinese authorities. Nazgum took an active part in this war and fought courageously and steadfastly on an equal footing with men. After the uprising was suppressed, all the men were executed, and the women were sent to be sold into slavery. Nazgum was among these women and she managed to escape from captivity and move to the territory of present-day Kazakhstan, where she hid in a cave near the village of Ketmen, the cave is now called after her.

How to get there, visit -

The cave is located in Almaty region, Uygur district, Kazakhstan. The height at which the cave is located is 1200 meters above sea level. The main landmark here is the village of Ketmen. From the village of Ketmen to the Nazgum cave is 9 kilometers. Chunja – Kolzhat auto road, a country road is laid from the road to the cave, a distance of 19 kilometers.

Tourist information -

The cave is a sacred place of pilgrimage. The Nazgum grotto is located in the mountains in a rock formation, a cave of natural formation. Soot from the fire remained on the walls of the cave, which reminds that people lived here and warmed themselves by the fire on cold nights. There is a water source nearby, which made staying in the cave a little more comfortable. On the way to the cave you will see beautiful panoramas and landscapes of the Uygur district, Almaty region. Here is a mountainous area with high enough mountains for this area.

Nazugum Cave in Uygur district, Almaty region


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