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Hot thermal springs in Chundzha, Almaty region, Uygur district, Kazakhstan.

Rest in Chundzha at hot springs.

A trip to the hot springs in Chundzha from the city of Almaty.

Hot springs in Chundzha are located on a fairly large territory of this region.
Artesian mineral springs in Chundzha stretch for a distance of 50 kilometers in their length and a width of 300 meters outcropping to the surface. In total, there are 140 hot water outlets to the surface. The water in the springs has a positive effect on the human body and its recovery. The water temperature in the springs ranges from warm (20 - 37 ° C) to hot (37 - 50 ° C) and very hot (50 - 100 ° C).

Chundzha hot springs - how to get there.

Mineral springs in the village of Chundzha are located on the territory of the Almaty region, the Uyghur region, the village of Chundzha, next to the border of Kazakhstan with China. The sources refer to the Ketmen mountain range and the Ketmen artesian well and the Karadalinsky field.

Chundzha thermal springs - information for tourists.

The spring water contains radon and silicon. The springs are used to treat various skin and respiratory diseases. Rehabilitation after fractures, chronic fatigue, depression, etc. Radon is used to treat humans, but you will need to consult a doctor first. Many go there to relax with their families on the weekend to gain strength before the new work week.

Hot springs in Chundzha.


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