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Terekty tract, (valley)

Jeep tours in Ulytau district, Karaganda region

Terekty gorge (mountain tracts) of the Ulytau region

The Terekty tract, a hilly place in the steppe that is visited when traveling across Kazakhstan. A place is a group of hills concentrated in a given area. The maximum height of this place is 500 meters above sea level. The places resemble a mountainous hilly terrain turning into a steppe.

How to get there

The Terekty tract is located in the Ulytau district, Karaganda region, in Kazakhstan. Auto road Karaganda-Zhezkazgan, the main landmark here is the village of Terekty. From the village to the place 16 kilometers. The distance from the city of Zhezkazgan to the Terekty tract is 81 kilometers.

Information for tourists

In the tract there are ancient settlements, that is, places where people lived in antiquity. Nearby is the Terekty mountain 502 meters high, which is also a natural landmark. On the territory of the tract you can find ancient rock paintings, petroglyphs. Ancient burial mounds of the Bronze Age were also discovered here. Nature here tried to portray very unusual hills as if soft pancakes were superimposed on each other and then they hardened.

Terekty valley


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  1. Александр
    Александр — 2 March 2023 16:00
    Фото другие. Там наскальные рисунки на камнях должны быть. 
    1. Rinat WT
      Rinat WT — 2 March 2023 19:23
      Александр здравствуйте, это статья о урочище Теректы (долина) а не о наскальных рисунках Теректы. Вот статья про наскальные волшебные рисунки Теректы в горах Улытау) ​

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