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Kordai pass, Zhambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Drive from Almaty to Shu (Chu).

Travel from the city of Almaty to the Kordai pass.

The Kordai pass or the Kordai pass is a hilly, not high mountain pass in the Zhambyl region. The height of the pass is 1233 meters at sea level at its highest point.

Pass Kordai - how to get there.

The pass is located in the Zhambyl region and is part of the Chu-Ili mountains. The height of the Kordai Pass is 1233 meters above sea level. The road Almaty - Bishkek passes through the pass. The main landmark here is the village of Muzbel. It is 12 kilometers from the village of Muzbel to the Kordai pass.

Kordai pass - information for tourists.

In winter, the movement of auto transport along this route is difficult, therefore, moving along the pass by car should be done with great care and prudence. Better to travel in two vehicles for mutual assistance. A wind farm (wind power plant) was built on the pass. In 2018, a 75-kilometer road was built to bypass the pass from the village of Kegen to the village of Kainar. The pass is very beautiful in winter and summer, but there is a strong wind here, which is called the Kordai wind.

Kordai pass.


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