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Turkestan tulip in Kazakhstan.

Tours and excursions for tulips in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Excursion for the Turkestan tulip in Kazakhstan.

For the first time, the Turkestan tulip was described by the famous researcher E.L. Regel in 1873, then this species was made a separate independent species. This type of tulip blooms in March, April, May, in spring. It grows in most of Kazakhstan in the foothills and on flat terrain.

Tulip Turkestan - how to see, where to find.

Turkestan tulip can be found in the South Kazakhstan and Zhambyl regions of Kazakhstan. It grows in the Karatau mountains and in the Western Tien Shan mountains. In the Aksu Zhabagly reserve you can also find this type of tulip and in this reserve it is easiest to find it and organize a trip there.

Tulip Turkestan - medicinal properties.

The tulip bulb is used in folk medicine as a pain reliever for rheumatism.

Tulip Turkestan.