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Schrenck's tulip

How to find and see tulips in Kazakhstan -

Photo tour for the Shrenk tulip, Karaganda region -

Tulip Shrenk, so the tulip growing on the territory of Kazakhstan was named. It was first described by E.L. Regel in 1873. The tulip was named after Alexander Ivanovich Shrenk, an employee of the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden. Tulip Schrenk is listed in the Red Book and is under state protection, the collection of plants and their digging is strictly prohibited.

How to find and watch -

The tulip blooms in April and May, so we don’t have a long enough time to see it. It grows in steppes, semi-steppes and deserts, on foothills. Tulip Schrenk is found in Almaty, Zhambyl and Karaganda regions. You can also meet him in Akmola and Kostanay regions.

Tourist information -

Tulip Schrenk is considered the ancestor of all tulips. It grows in the protected areas of Kazakhstan in the Naurzum Reserve and the Kurgaldzhinsky Reserve. It is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan and is under the protection of the state. Schrenk's tulip grows best in the Karaganda region, since the climate of this region is the most comfortable for it.

Schrenk's tulip in Kazakhstan


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