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Sogdian tulip

What tulips grow on the territory of Kazakhstan -

Excursion for the Sogdian tulip in Mangyshlak -

The Sogdian tulip, like all other types of tulips, grows on the territory of Kazakhstan. The flower is quite beautiful and unusual, it adorns the lands of Kazakhstan with the arrival of spring.

How to see, how to get there -

The Sogdian tulip blooms in March - April. It grows in sandy and clayey deserts, Kyzylkum, Karakum, Mangyshlak peninsula, territory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Information for tourists -

Our company invites you to see the flowering of the Sogdian tulip on the territory of Mangyshlak, Mangistau region, Mangyshlak peninsula. This region can be visited on our exploratory tour to see the nature of the region and watch the flowering of the Sogdian tulip.

Sogdian tulip in Kazakhstan


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