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Variegated tulip in the Almaty region

Observation of tulips in Kazakhstan.

Excursion for the Tulip Raznolistny (veriegated tulip) in the Almaty region.

Tulip Variegated, this is the name of one of the types of tulip that grows on the territory of Kazakhstan. The flower is not as remarkable as other types of tulips, but it is also very beautiful and bright. Was described by E.L. Regel in his studies of tulips in Central Asia.

Variegated tulip - how to find and see.

The variegated tulip grows in most of the territory of Kazakhstan in the steppe and mountainous areas. The tulip blooms in May and July. It is possible to meet and observe the flowering of this species in Almaty and the Almaty region and in the Almaty mountains.

Variegated tulip - tourist information.

Tulip habitats, sandy, less often clay and rocky deserts. Occurs in single specimens. Listed in the Red Book. It is necessary to control the state of populations, study biological characteristics, and introduce them into culture. A very original miniature tulip, suitable for rock gardens.

Variegated tulip.


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