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Kokshetau stone block in the Kokshetau national park.

Traveling in the national park Kokshetau.

Tours and excursions in Kokshetau.

Not far from the city of Kokshetau there is a natural geological landmark called the Kokshetau block. This object is a low-rise granite massif which is a local attraction and places of tourism. The main attraction of this area is the forest that grows here and the lakes.

Kokshetau stone block - how to get there.

The Kokshetau block is located on the territory of the Kokshetau natural park and reserve, Zerendinsky district, Akmola region in Kazakhstan. From the city of Kokshetau to the border of the park 60 kilometers, go for about 1 hour.

Kokshetau stone block - information for tourists.

In the vicinity of the park and this geological object, a beautiful forest grows and a network of beautiful natural lakes is located, on the banks of which you can have a great time traveling around this region. Kokshetau Park was organized in 1996 to preserve the natural diversity of this region and to preserve rare species of plants and animals.

Kokshetau stone block.


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