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Borovsk dome or Borovoe, Akmola region, Kazakhstan.

Excursions to geological parks of Kazakhstan.

Drive to Borovoe from the city of Karaganda.

Borovskoy dome or Borovoe is the so-called granite mountain massif, which is part of the Burabay natural park. From a height, this place resembles a large crater, the circumference of which is almost 50 kilometers. For a long time, nature has given this place space landscapes, as well as the beauty of this place is given by the network of lakes located in this territory. The main lakes of this region are the Big Chebachye Lake and the Small Chebachye Lake, the Shchuchye Lake and the Borovoye Lake.

Borovoe (Borovskoy dome) - how to get there.

Geological Park Borovoe or Borovsk dome is located on the territory of the Akmola region and is part of the natural state park Burabay in Kazakhstan. The main landmark here is the Burabay village, which is located 95 km southeast of the city of Kokshetau, and 20 km north of the Kurort Borovoe railway station (in the city of Shchuchinsk).

Borovoe or Burabay (Borovoe granite massif) - information for tourists.

Borovoe or Burabay Natural Park is very popular among local and foreign tourists. This territory is a natural health complex with all the necessary infrastructure. On the territory of Burabay Park there are many different recreation areas, as well as there are many hiking trails. People here can stay in local hotels or spend the night in tents around the fire.

Borovoe (Burabay) - Borovskoy dome, Borovskoy granite massif.


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