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Mountains Bektau-Ata geological park, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to the Bektau-Ata mountains.

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The Bektau-Ata mountains in translation means the Holy Mountain, the height of the highest point in the region, the Bektau-Ata mountain, is 600 meters above sea level. Mount Bektau-Ata is visible from afar on the endless steppe. Also here is the eponymous Bektau-Ata cave (sacred place) in which a married couple lived who had a child after visiting this sacred place.

Bektau-Ata mountains - how to get there.

The Bektau-Ata mountains are located in the Almaty region in the area of Lake Balkhash. This place served as a beacon for ancient trade caravans passing through the area. The famous Silk Road passes here.

GPS coordinates of the Bektau-Ata mountain range: N47 ° 27'04.09 "E74 ° 46'33.43"

Bektau-Ata mountains - information for tourists.

The mountainous steppe massif Bektau-Ata is a geological park of Kazakhstan. This area is a jumble of granite stones and rocks that come out of the ground and create unforgettable fantastic landscapes. Mineral resources were mined here, and rock crystal was mined in this area. This area resembles a stone ocean, at different times of the day and depending on the lighting, the area takes on bizarre outlines and shapes. Auliye cave is also located here, which is a place of pilgrimage. In this place, tourists visit the very top of the mountain and the cave.

Bektau-Ata mountains.


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