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Aktologay plateau or Aktolagaysky ridge, geological park, Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Sights of the Aktobe region.

Trip from the cities of Aktobe or Atyrau to the Aktologay plateau.

Aktolagaysky ridge or plateau Aktologay - ridge in the south-west of the Pre-Ural plateau. In Mongolian, "tologoy" means peak, top of a mountain.

Aktologay - how to get there.

Aktologay is located in the Bayganinsky district of the Aktobe region. It stretches for 90 km from north-east to south between the Sagyz and Zhem rivers, has a width of 5-10 km, the highest point is Mount Kiyakty (217 m). Aktologay is located on the right bank of the Zhem River, adjacent to the Caspian Sea basin.

GPS coordinates of the Aktolagay Plateau: N47 ° 27'33.38 "E55 ° 05'55.83"

Aktologay - information for tourists.

The western part is cut by glacial gorges. The Terisakkan River originates in the Aktolagay ridge. To the west is Lake Tolagaysor. Aktologay is composed of Cretaceous and Cretaceous-Margel rocks.

Aktologay plateau.