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Ustyurt plateau and Ustyurt geopark and reserve, Mangistau region, Kazakhstan.

Tours to the Ustyurt plateau.

Travel to the Ustyurt plateau in Kazakhstan.

The Ustyurt plateau and the Ustyurt reserve located here are a desert plain or steppe. The Ustyurt plateau is a famous geological park, the bottom of the ancient Tethys ocean is located here and this area is interesting for people engaged in geological tourism. The reserve on the Ustyurt plateau was organized in 1984 to preserve and protect the nature of the flora and fauna of this region.

Ustyurt plateau, Ustyurt reserve - how to get there.

The Ustyurt plateau is located in the Mangistau region on the territory of Kazakhstan. The region between the Mangistau Peninsula and the Karabugazkol Bay in the west and the Aral Sea and the Amu Darya delta in the east. The plateau is located in the Turan depression.
GPS coordinates of the Ustyurt plateau in Kazakhstan: N44 ° 10'50.33 "E55 ° 45'55.41"

Ustyurt plateau - geological tourism.

In the Permian time (250 - 300 million years ago), within the modern Mangistau and Ustyurt, there were areas of shelf seas, lagoons and coastal zones from the north to the Paleotethis ocean, which then divided the Arabian-African and Eurasian continents (more precisely, their predecessors, which bear the names Gondwana and Laurasia).
Such conditions persisted in the Triassic (200 - 250 million years ago). At the end of the Triassic, large tectonic movements occurred, which led to the closure of the Paleotethis Ocean, while the entire territory under consideration experienced drainage

Ustyurt plateau - general information.

The length of the Ustyurt plateau from the southwest to the northeast is 550-600 km, the width is 300-400 km. Area 200 thousand km. The average height of the plateau is 150-200 m, the highest point in the south-west is 341 m (Muzbel ridge). Located in the Turan depression, the geological structure is similar. The northern part of the plateau and the western part of the eastern longitude up to 56 ° C are included in the territory of Kazakhstan.
The formation of the modern relief of Mangystau began in the Late Pliocene. As a result of the rise of the Turan plate under the influence of neotectonic movements, Mangystau turned into a flat plain. The formation of the modern relief of the mountainous part took place under the influence of individual denudation processes in the Late Pliocene, before which the Mangistau plateaus were formed. In the Early Quaternary period, large closed watercourses of southern Mangystau arose, and the lake regime remained on the right. Over time, the sedimentary rocks at the bottom of the lake were blown by the wind. The plateau is washed by the Aral Sea across the Caspian Sea basin.

Ustyurt plateau - fauna.

The flora of Ustyurt numbers about 600 species of higher vascular plants. It is home to a large number of invertebrates, reptiles, birds, as well as 44 species of mammals: rodents, lagomorphs, carnivores, artiodactyls, insectivores, bats. Some of them are listed in the Red Book: four-striped snake, jack (bustard beauty), snake eagle, long-legged buzzard, saker falcon, cheetah, caracal, sand cat, manul, Ustyurt mouflon, saiga, gazelle, etc.

Ustyurt plateau.


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