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Sibinskie lakes, geological natural park, Kazakhstan.

Tours and excursions to Sibinskie lakes, Kazakhstan Altai.

Travel from Ust-Kamenogorsk to Sibinskie lakes.

Sibinsky Lakes is a group of beautiful lakes that are part of the Karatau Mountains and are a local attraction of the region where they are located. The lakes are surrounded by granite rock granite rocks, which gives the lakes a fantastic unforgettable view. The nature of the Sibinsky Lakes is unique; this place is very popular among local tourists and guests from abroad. Sibinsky lakes consist of several lakes that have their own individual names. The main lakes are Sadyrkol, Korzhinkol, Shalkar, and Karakol.

Sibinskie lakes - how to get there.

The lakes are part of the Kalbinsky ridge and the Koktau mountains. The distance from the village of Bazanbai to the Sibinskie lakes is 28 kilometers, and 87 kilometers from the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk. The main landmarks here is the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

GPS coordinates of Sibinsky Lakes: N49 ° 27'04.51 "E82 ° 37'50.19"

Sibinskie lakes - general information.

Recreation centers are located on the Sibinsky lakes where you can spend time and relax. You can also stay in your camp here if you have tents and all the necessary equipment to set up a base camp. Here is the Buddhist monastery Ablaykit, which we will also visit when traveling in this region. According to legend, a large treasure is hidden on the Sibinsky lakes; a one meter high golden statue of Buddha is hidden here. Also here we will meet ancient rock paintings. Granite rocks and picturesque lakes create a unique atmosphere here for spending time and relaxation. There are such mountains and high points as Medvedka, Koktau and Baiga from the peaks of which a beautiful view of the surrounding area opens.

Sibinsky lakes.


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