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Shuyldak mountain tract in the Mugodzhary mountains, a geological park in the Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to the Mugodzhary mountains.

Excursion to the Shuildak mountain tract in the Mugodzhary mountains.

The Shuildak mountain tract and the Mugodzhary mountains are a geological park that is becoming popular among local and foreign tourists. An ancient volcano is located on this territory, which in ancient times created bizarre sculptures of volcanic origin in this region. This region is of interest to people who are engaged in geo-tourism.

Shuyldak tract in the Mugodzhary mountains - how to get there.

The tract is located in the Aktobe region on the territory of Kazakhstan. The main landmark here is the Shuyldak river, in the upper reaches of which there is the Shuyldak tract of the same name. From the railway station Shuyldak and the tract 16 kilometers.

GPS coordinates of the Shuildak tract: N48 ° 37'16.91 "E58 ° 40'33.74"

GPS coordinates of Zhylgyztau paleovolcano: N48 ° 42'33.15 "E58 ° 42'33.29"

GPS coordinates of Aralbas (Alabas) paleovolcano: N48 ° 32'51.14 "E58 ° 36'58.93"

Shuildak tract in the Mugodzhary mountains - information for tourists.

The tract is of interest to people engaged in geo-tourism and simply lovers of nature and new places. The region is easy to travel. Our company provides a full range of services for servicing and organizing travel in this region.

The interest of scientists and amateur researchers here is caused by deposits of igneous rock that was formed here millions of years ago as a result of tectonic shifts and volcanic eruptions. Studying this breed, we can look into the past of our planet and see what it was like millions of years ago. The nature of this region is also unique and inimitable, here we will meet different representatives of the flora and fauna of this region and admire the local beauty.

Shuildak tract in the Mugodzhary mountains.