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Tekes river, Tekes river valley, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Drive from Almaty city to the Tekes river.

The nature of the Tekes river, travel to the river.

The Tekes river valley is a landmark of the Almaty region. The Tekes River belongs to the Ili River basin. The river originates from the owl on the slopes of the Terskey Alatau mountains. 10 small rivers flow into the river. The largest of them are Orto-Kokpak, Ulken-Kokpak and Bayankol. The total length of the Tekes River is 438 km, of which 218 km pass through the territory of Kazakhstan. There is an artificial reservoir and a hydroelectric power station on the river below the Tekes village.

Tekes river - how to get there.

The river is located in Raimbek district, Almaty region. From the city of Almaty to the Tekes River, the distance is approximately 385 km in a straight line. The main landmark here is the Tekes village and the hydroelectric power station. Being in this area, you need to move further up the valley. Driving along the Tekes river valley is recommended in a 4x4 car.

Valley of the Tekes River - information for tourists.

There is no infrastructure for traveling along this route, so we take all the necessary equipment for setting up the base camp in tents with us. The kitchen will also be a field kitchen with all the necessary equipment for food preparation.

Tekes River - Tekes River Valley.


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